Jynx Evo


Prices 1 Logo Edit: $2 1 AVI (pop-out logo): $3 1 Twitter Header: $3 1 Logo, 1 Twitter Header: $4 1 Month of Free Graphics: $20 2 Months of Free Graphics: $35 Sub Box for 3 Month: $5 Sub Box on Clan Channel 3 Months: $5 (channel has 1.1k) Custom Clan or Personal Logo 2D: $5 Custom Clan or Personal Logo 2D and 3D: $10

The "Logo Edit", means you can supply me with your logo and I do a design with it like my blue "Dirozi" logo under my "Logos" project. The AVI means you can supply me with your clan logo/personal logo or you want another logo like FaZe, SoaR, Era, Val, etc.

With all my clients that purchase one of these packages, I will talk to as much as possible and get as much detail as possible. Right down to the color corrections, font style, color scheme, 3D text, and much more. Graphics are done fast and efficiently. There may be a delay if there are many paying customers.


  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Designs
  • Logos